My Four Walls

Mostly the couch shot is to get your attention! (Am I the only one to see it had potential??) ~Meanwhile I am dashing to take and put up a few ‘love the home I have’ pictures. This site is so wonderful! You all are inspiring me, and making me smile. God Bless Homes.

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    You are too funny! I thought I was going to see a DIY on reupholstering! Hahaha can’t wait to see what you will post in the days ahead !

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  3. 5

    Sharon, absolutely no worries. I took it as a compliment! Hip(ster) and brains in one phrase…I’ll take it! This community is bringing me out of the fog. So grateful. Please pray for me today as I am meeting a real estate agent who needs staging. It’s been so difficult breaking into the market of a new city….and I’ve gained 10lbs…making me a little more “hip”. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your pictures!

  4. 7

    Yep, that couch definitely got my attention. Scared me half to death. 🙂 But with loving hands and a fresh upholstery job, it would be smashing. Let’s hope it finds a new life!

  5. 8

    Great hook! I couldn’t quite figure out what I was going to see or learn about! I bet that sofa had good bones! Like all of us…just needs a little TLC , eh? 🙂
    Looking forward to more posts!

  6. 9

    Yes……….I do see the potential………………I always see potential……………..just needs that special pair of hands to spend time and love………it could be fabulous!!!!

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