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      Thank you so much for noticing my love for colors,, Jess. I am not afraid of colors at all. Your home should reflect who you are. My husband doesn’t mind the colors either. You do to/with your home according to how much it makes you happy to be in it. The coffee table I bought online from 10 years ago for $100. It came as a whole table and the tag said “Made In Pakistan.” It is a very nice and real hardwood table. That room contains mostly my academic books. I have other bookshelves in my bedroom.

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    I like how you separated the room with curtains. Have you considered raising the blue curtains close to the ceiling? It is a little trick to make the ceiling look higher and the window bigger, and would tie well with the white curtains.

    I was wondering, do you change your curtains seasonally? I noticed blue and then multicolored curtains in your living room.

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    Thank you for noticing quite a few details. Yes, I have been meaning to raise my curtain rods closer to the ceilings, but then I have so many sets for windows at 84 inches. But I will soon enough and I figute I can just use valences. and next time I will just cut fabric to fit the new length once the rods are moved higher. Yes, I change my curtains at least seasonally or at times monthly since I have so many sets of window curtains. Now my living room, library room and the kitchen all have the multicolored curtains because my house is open floor so one room looks into another so that is my way of having some unity in color schemes.

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