It all started with a bureau

Last year my Mum gave me some money, I decided to buy a bureau and found a neat, flat-pack jobby in a high street store. On the way to make my purchase I passed a charity shop and in the window was this beauty, of course any flat-pack plans fell by the wayside and both bureau and mis-matched chair came home with me.

I love it. It is the most beautiful thing in my house and has made me look at my home with new eyes. I have come to realise that the simple, modern furniture which fills our home, while practical, does not do anything for my spirit. 

I want to live in a space that refreshes me, that brings me peace and makes me smile. The bureau has become a catalyst for change in my home and that is the story I hope to tell here. 

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      I think I’ve always been in such a rush to get stuff ‘done’ that I’ve settled for so-so. Life has put the house on hold for a while so this was the perfect kickstart to do home in a new way. I’m very excited about this!

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    Not only do I love that piece as well as other posters but obviously Mr. or Ms.. Kitty digs it and there can be no higher validation for your choice. Well done!

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