The Delphinium

I am currently knitting and crocheting all kinds of flowers and little creatures for a local project.  This is my crocheted Delphinium. There isn’t a pattern to follow as I simply made it up as I went along. I have stood it against a little table that I made a very long time ago. Underneath the glass you can just about see a picture of daffodils.  I printed Wordworth’s beautiful poem and added the picture to it. In the litte vase are some paper daffodils that I made ages ago. On the flower stalk is a little knitted mouse.  I have made fifteen more mice since I started crocheting the flower on Wednesday

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    I would title this story, “Very Talented Lady!” Cherie. I am truly impressed! I know I could not ever make something without a pattern. Life has taught me that lesson! 🙂 Too many misses to count!
    You refer to a local project. What does that mean exactly?

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    Wow! You are so talented to make that without a pattern.. you’re amazing! We have a local lady here in town that chrocheted all the bicycle racks up and down our street. It kept happening and every day there would be a new one. Finally, it was figured out who did it. She makes all her neat little decorations without patterns. Donuts for the donut store’s bike rack, pizza for a pizzeria.. Hot dogs, flowers etc etc.. It’s so neat. Here’s a link if you want to see her in action. lol

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