Now we still aren’t done … and we probably wont be DONE for awhile. But and it is a big but we are comfortable. Yes there are over a hundred things to silicone yes I still have cinder block steps, and there will always be touch up painting to do but the fact that I can crash at the end of the day and feel good is huge. I am happy where we are at with the progress we’ve made. There will always be a lot of work ahead of us, and I truly don’t mind. It really just means there is a TON more potential.  

this is the almost there photo

i love this little photo bomber

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    Good for you Kali! Pride in the progress is mind-blowing to me. I wish I had trained myself to do that. I resolve right now to start thinking this way! It makes so much sense for living a happy healthy life.
    Also, I really like where you are going with the kitchen. I love white kitchens.
    I would love to have an ampersand (I think that’s what you call it!) like yours. I really like all punctuation marks, letters, etc. as decor items.
    Oh and how wonderful to have a cute little photo bomber to up your photography’s appeal! 🙂

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    Oh, your kitchen is going to be dreamy! How wonderful. I know how you feel about finding joy in the progress! It is easy to get overwhelmed while in the middle of what feels like a never-ending project, so you’ve got the right attitude! Can’t wait to see how your kitchen comes together. It looks lovely already!

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