One of my favorite past times is gardening and my beautiful Joseph Bentley garden tools make my labor of love enjoyable because I think they are beautiful! *Note: Keep a garden pot full of sand, Pour on 1 bottle of motor oil into it & stir. Brush off your tools after each use and store them in the sandy oil. It keeps them sharp and rust free.

I try to ALWAYS have fresh flowers from my garden in my home. It makes even the most grey, rainy ,cold day seem delightful.

I even toss flowers as garnish when baking. This was for Josie’s b-day in April. Sure, dog’s can have a slice of Victoria Sponge.. why not? ?Instead of framing pictures, sometimes I like to make a photo transfer onto live edge wood. Then I just set them here & there in the house.

I even used an old English pub sign and photo transfered it. The Airedale & Otter Pub. How Cute! ?

IOutside my front and back doors ,I like to hang a hook and wire around my mason jars. I add flowers once or twice a week & it  brings a smile to my mailman’s day… and mine when I get home from work.

Below you can see how I hang it

Extra flowers I toss together in a vase for the kitchen counter. It makes washing up the dishes an easier task.

Cheap handmade wall hangings for the attic hallway
Hand made flowers and a little piece of velcro make the girls look a little “dressed” These are a few of my favorite things… thanks for looking.

Oh how can I forget… my Urban Fairy door along my baseboard!!! Are you able to see her shadow flying out her back door?:)

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    Another home run Nila! I love the way your mind works. 🙂
    I envy you your flowers and gardens. I have never been a gardener but I absolutely LOVE flowers and purchase them regularly. I am on the hunt now for a flowering plant that will thrive inside my home. (Natural light is limited.)
    I am definitely going to investigate how to do a photo transfer. That Pub sign is unique and reflects your sense of humour and unique design eye! Bravo!
    I still have the purchase of a Fairy Door on my To Do list. I have a number of people who I want to give them to as gifts. Thanks for sharing !

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      Thank you! Remember there is no such thing as a green thumb, just a choice to spend 30 min-1 hr a week in the garden tending to its needs. Once you get started you’ll be hooked! Especially living in Belgium with the wonderful soil there. I lived on the German border not far from you and remember well how lovely the gardens can grow!

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    Your flowers are GORGEOUS Nila!! Someday I hope to find my green thumb – it’s definitely not one of my talents. Love your home and all the personal touches, and Josie too of course. 🙂

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