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Our house is the first house my husband built. As a contractor, he has built many beautiful homes for clients, some eye popping houses! But I can say honestly I have never wanted to trade our house for one of his custom built houses. After all, they are the board and batten dreams of his clients, and have nothing to do with the structure that holds our family’s hopes and dreams. Not to say we don’t need to do some fixing up around here. It has after all been 35 years since we had our house-raising thanks to the local Mennonite Church. But we take that in stride, realizing Kenny pounds nails all day and needs a respite when he gets home! So we live, dream, and plan in this our first and only home. We have never lived anywhere else and we can’t imagine moving our memories to another address!

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    I love the idea of forever homes,, and the patient wisdom that comes from accepting a single dwelling, faults and all, as the perfect place for a family to be. And the fact that this beautiful home was hand-built by your husband just makes your story that much sweeter.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this forever home with us. It’s truly beautiful and I can see clearly why you’d never want to leave! 🙂 It’s beautiful!

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    A beautiful home built by loving hands! My husband is a carpenter as well, and I understand not wanting to overwhelm him with more ‘work’ when he gets home. We are in process of renovating our current house, but it was always a lovely dream of mine to live in a home built by my sweetheart

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