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Candice Olson Living Room

It seemed rather fitting that I would stumble upon site at this particular time in my life. It’s a time of new beginnings and second chances. A time to really put what’s important in my life first. 

I am brand new at blogging and I’m really looking forward to sharing my creativity and, hopefully, inspiring others to slow the pace down a little bit to appreciate what’s right before their eyes. 

So, it’s a new chapter in my life as I begin this blogging journey. It’s also a time of second chances with my incredible fella, my hubby, my “master of power tools”, my best friend and the love of my life. Last year, Lenny suffered an almost life-ending event. We were traveling home from visiting our son who was stationed at Fort Drum at the time when Lenny became very ill. Long story short – he was rushed by ambulance to the ER where he suffered a cardiac arrest. I stood at the foot of his hospital bed and watched the medical staff perform CPR on him for over 30 minutes before they were able to revive him. He was in a coma and underwent a life saving procedure called Therapeutic Hypothermia Protocol. Lenny was given only a 5% chance of survival.

Well, he not only survived, but he’s healthier today than he’s been in years. Lenny is a precious gift to our family. This past February we celebrated his one-year re-birthday! He is strong, intelligent, caring and compassionate and our family would just be lost without him. 

It’s important to me that whatever life we each have left to live, that we live it to the fullest. Life is precious and way to short to be worrying about all the wrong things. Time to de-clutter our lives so we can get on with living! 

Part of the getting on with living for me is working on being healthier. I’m eating healthier, losing weight (although slower than I’d like), exercising – doing yoga at 5;30 every morning, which I absolutely love, and beginning something I’m passionate about – sharing my creativity, thoughts, dreams and hopes. 

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    I am thankful that you have your Lenny back with you and better than ever! God is so good! (Your story is the first I’ve read on here.)

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    Your house is beautiful. Stylish and very warm. I love your use of brown. It’s my favorite color and yet I don’t decorate with it as much as you’d think I would. Thanks for sharing

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    Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for sharing your story and powerful reminder of what’s really important. Beautiful home too! I’m looking forward to more of your posts!

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