My Dream Home

14 years ago we bought a house on 4 acres of land.  The house was not our dream home.  It was a mess.  It had been used and abused.  Every interior door had holes in them, the bathrooms had torn up linoleum and peeling wallpaper.  The carpets were ruined.  You may be asking why on earth did we buy this house?

A big reason is price – this house was inexpensive and it came with 4 acres of land, including a creek.  There was room for our 4 kids, with one on the way. (We added one more 3 years later)

A benefit of such a fixer upper is that we had the chance to make this home what we wanted it to be.

We are updating some of those now long ago choices and will again make some changes when we put an addition onto our home for my parents to live with us.

Our home has changed as our kids have grown up, married, and started their own families. We have three still in the home full time and one who is home on school breaks.  How we need our home to function has changed.  I embrace the changes and love to find new function for my spaces here at home.

I look forward to sharing in this community here online.

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    Wow, that is really great Deanna!! I’m excited to read more. Lately I have dreamed about finding a bigger property, what a treat to get to create a wonderful home from a real fixer upper! I’m so glad you are here, welcome to the neighborhood :). This is going to be so fun, I can’t wait to see all the stories evolve!

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    How fun is it to have a creek???!! That is wonderful I love how your home changes as your needs do. I also have a secret love for a fixer upper it makes me happy to make something beautiful again!! Good luck with any new projects!!!

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