My Forever House

This is my forever house! My husband and I have been married for twenty-five years, raised two children, and lived in one apartment, three parsonages (still in the third one), and two homes of our own…all in five different states. Two and a half years ago, we bought this sweet little house on the Cape in Massachusetts. Someday we will retire here, but until then we spend most weekends, school vacations (I’m a teacher), and summers here. Slowly, but surely, I (we) are transforming this house from its dated 1970s decor to our own vision of modern beachy comfort. So excited to have a way to chronicle and share this journey without having to be a real-life blogger. 

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    So happy for you. The anticipation of a more peaceful life style is enough to get you through the process. Since I am originally from Connecticut, I know the beauty of the Cape in Massachusetts. I am a little jealous, since New England is “home”, but having grandchildren in Missouri is the focus now.

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    Congrats on your house on the Cape. Been working on my husband for a couple of years now to do that but haven’t found the right one yet. Actually I did but someone else bought it! We just downsized and moved to another house in CT so now might be the time! Good luck and enjoy!

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    Thanks, Barb! Houses on the Cape do go quick sometimes. We were lucky and saw our house the second day it was on the market. We knew immediately it was a house we could make our forever home. Keep looking…you’ll find the right one.

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    What a dreamy home and a sweet reward for all your years of wandering. So nice that you are able to put down some beautiful roots.

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