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I am getting ready to retire in 6 months and after 40 plus years of working I am excited to have more time for fun things and fewer stresses.  Well I’m sure there will still be stress but at least I wont feel like I am constantly short of time.  I‘ve worked it I.T. since the mid 70’s and have been a systems analyst for the last 15 years.  I am over buying and warehouse management for a mid sized grocery chain.  We have 6 warehouses and 99 stores and if there are problems I get called in the middle of the night.  It will be great to not have that stress hanging over me in the near future.  My husband has been retired for 12 years and is looking forward to having me spend more time with him. 

We are getting ready to list our current home so I’m trying to get it ready for listing.  We have a home we will be moving to 450 miles from here so I have that one to get ready.  Lots going on but soon I‘ll have more free time… once I get through this process!  I am looking forward to this ””neighborhood”” as I think I will need help decorating and turning the new house into a home.  So once I figure out how to post a picture I’ll be looking forward to you help and suggestions.  I don’t feel that I am too good as a decorator but I do want the new home to be a cozy loving place to be.

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    We are in the same boat here! Hubby and I both retired last month and in the process of prepping our home for sale (April 6th is our target date) and building a new home in another state on the east coast. Like you, am looking forward to less stress as soon as we get thru this process! lol. In our case, we will be moving twice…into a rental than the new home. Looking forward to seeing your pics. Blessings to you and your hubby as you begin this new venture in your lives. 🙂

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    As long as you trust your own instincts and follow your heart’s desire, you will be an awesome decorator! And remember, if you are struggling to make a decision, you have all of us neighbors to give you our two cents!

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    The start of another chapter – retirement and moving WOW. I’m thinking this should be a good place to get ideas, ask questions and share. Plus new neighbours you can take with you.

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    This is such an exciting and sometimes stressful time. I retired 5 years ago and I am LOVING it. Lucky for you, you have seen your husband adjust to it and so it should go a little easier. I am so glad you joined the neighbourhood so we can share this new stage of your life. 🙂
    What country do you live in Jodena? I am Canadian living in Nova Scotia.

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