The Beginning

The Beginning

As with all homes, it started with some land.  We have been looking for that “right spot” seemingly forever.  My husband grew up on a 300 acre dairy farm.  I grew up in a neighborhood where you could almost touch the next home.  We both thought we grew up in the best possible setting.  I loved the neighborhood filled with kids and noise.  He loved the peace and quiet growing up in a rural environment.   We compromised on our first home.  Well, if I was being honest, I won!  Mostly due to it being the home we could afford in the area we desired!  

8 years ago, driving around looking for possible home sites we came across a small subdivsion that was a little outside of town.  The homesites were large, at least 3 acres.  We were close to where we currently lived.  There were a few lots for sale.  My husband called.  After the call he could not even speak.  The lot he called about was actually 2 lots, so almost 6 acres.  The price of which was double what our current house cost.  And there was no building.  And no water or sewer.  Nothing but land.  Defeated, we crossed that property off the list.  

Fast forward 6 years.  We now had 3 small boys and had definitely outgrown out home.  It was time.  On a whim we drove by the property we called about all those years ago.  It was still for sale (probably because of that crazy price!).  My husband called again.  The price was lower this time.  We had more money at this point.  We met the owner and his wife at the property on a beautiful, warm winter day.  We brought the 3 boys.  It was perfect.  They had 3 kids.  Turns out they bought the property to build their dream home.  Unfortunately a health condition developed to prevent the couple from building.  They liked us.  They loved watching the boys run around the property.  We had a deal by the end of the night!  We were the owners of almost 6 acres!

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    Melissa – it is crazy that you started this. Just last week I sent you an email with all sorts of pictures of our new home. I wrote to tell you how your blog inspired and helped me through all the decisions you have to make when building. Apparently the file was too big and never was sent. I meant to scale down my pictures and send again, but life got busy! Then I checked your site yesterday and found this! Perfect!! Thank you!!! I look forward to sharing my home story!! And reading everyone else’s!!

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      Oh how funny, I’m so glad you’ll have a place now to share your stories. I really saw a need for this kind of place. I’m glad to hear you think it will be fun, too :). Looking forward to seeing everyone’s home adventures here!

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    What a great story! Sounds like this piece of land was just meant to be for you and your family and it’s so exciting to think of how you will be settling here for a good long time. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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