Losing my home of 15 years

We’ve been renting for about six years now in the same house after we lost our home and had to file bankruptcy back in 2009 due to by husband’s job loss. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It took me about 3 years to even hang family pictures in the living room. I couldn’t bring myself to call the house mine. But one day I did hang photos and some new decorative items in the kitchen and an amazing thing happened. I felt better. I think my husband felt better. I haven’t done it well over the past three years but I’m trying to make this house our home – slowly but surely. And, wasn’t I a happy renter when the heating unit went out and it wasn’t my paycheck buying a whole new unit and paying to have it installed? Renting does have its perks. 

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    Oh, I ‘m so sorry to hear your story. We can frighteningly close to a similar fate and I can totally understand your hesitation to invest your emotions in a new home. I’m glad you are slowly trusting this place and making it your own. When you feel ready, please show us more!

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    I am sorry to hear your story, Cheryl. That had to be rough. My mother lost her home because of finances and had to move to a small apartment. I saw it take its toll on her. She had to give away things that she loved and had worked so hard to buy. She has had the same hesitance to decorate her new apartment.
    Good for you, picking yourself up and blooming where you’ve been planted!

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    I can totally relate to the feeling. When I moved into my apartment I was leaving an abusive relationship. I’ve been in my place for about 5 years and am just now putting things up on the walls and really making it my own, and it did make me feel better. Up until that I felt like I was still running and like I had no right to a place of my own where I could be happy. This blog is really a great way for people like me to know that we’re not alone in our experiences.

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