First Easter Dinner

Happy Easter to all.  My first time cooking Easter dinner.  My daughter wrote the menu. Most of the items making up the table setting were from the thrift store.  The Easter Bunny linen was from a California flea market, and sewn by my mother quite a few years ago as carves for my daughter, but now one of them found its way on my table.

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    Happy Easter! You mix and match patterns, colors and textures with such confidence and flair – I am always delighted and inspired. Love your daughter’s handwriting on your menu board, and all the pretty food, too.

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      Happy easter to you, too Diane. Can you believe after all the food I cooked I had to eat ramen noodle at midnight because al lthe food was eaten up. I don’t bake at all, but I do my meats really well. I love meats. And I decorated the table with what was on hand: mostly thrift-store items so they didn’t match who am not a match freak so I just rolled with what I have.

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      Jennifer, in you I really feel like I have a genuine (online decorating) friend. You don’t just say “how nice” and perfunctory things. You actually look at the pictures and find something you actually like and comment on that. That is why I cannot read every story on here as I would like to because I when I comment I actually mean all that I write. Reading every story alone can take up a lot of time. I guess this is from my focus when grade college essays. You see I teach literature, writing, and film studies.

      If you look at my story on living/family room you will see the red trolley used as a side table. I didn’t like the bigger side table I still have so much. Trolleys with casters are great for mobility and multifunctionality. My bar cart also has casters. I will tell you how far my love for textile and fabric extend. I have 10 decent sized windows for the house. So I have many sets of window curtains. How I can afford these you may ask because beautiful curtain panels can be rather expensive. I live bicoastal; summer in California at my parents’ house or Europe and the 3 seasons in Florida. In Southern California there is a flea market on the weekend and you can usually get fabric for $1 to few dollars a yard. The vedors have beautiful fabric of many kinds. These are clothing fabric mostly from the garment industries either from NY or mostly from Los Angeles. I know because the labels clearly state the origins of the fabric. So I tend to buy fabric by the bolts; my mother measures, cuts, and sews the fabric into curtain panels. I figure if the fabric look good as clothes the colors will look good as window curtains. So for all these years I have been collecting fabric for my window curtains. And the fabric in the white cabinet is mostly scrap fabric. The bollts are in California.

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    Hanh, every time I see your pictures, it just makes me smile! Love your cheery colors. I have almost always made all of my curtains, too. I will have to say I have used whatever fabric suited my fancy when I made them, not limiting myself to decorator fabrics. The great thing about that is that you can be generous with the hems, the width, the length and it looks so much more lush.
    I love your trolley cart, too. I am trying to imagine where I could put one in my kitchen!

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      You know Debra I use the trolley as a side table in my living room and when I need it anywhere else I just roll it along. The trolley is very functional as it doesn’t have to be “set in stone” I like functional things on casters. I don’t have any decorator fabric in my home. I have many sets of window curtains for my 10 big windows and they are clothing fabric I bought by the bolts. You are right I do use my fabric generously and they do look lush when they are muslin, rayon, or linen and not boxy or typically traditional with some decorator fabric. Thank you for noticing.

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