Ready, set, DIG!

And the digging begins. My boyfriend is getting us a new house ! (Us as in me him, and beige :) our dog) After a long year in a half ish , we finally put the order in for our new modular being delivered on May 5th,2015. We currently live in that brown looking house shown in the picture, and lets just say …. Its been a nice little place for me and jim to start our lives together but we are well deserving of a nice brandy new upgrade ! I am super excited to post updates on the progress leading up to the house. But most excited about being able to make our new house a home and blog every single bit of the process, from ground up , inside and out :) 

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    Exciting! You must be beside yourself, seeing big yellow machines make your dreams begin to come true. Can’t wait to see the next phases!

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