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My favorite way to freshen up my home in the spring is to fill up the front porch with plants and flowers for as little money as possible. Some years are more successful than others, but this year I‘m thrilled about my one geranium plant. Over the winter it has flourished ——- no blooms but great foliage. At summer‘s end only one main stem remained and the whole plant tended to lean to one side. After pruning I staked it with a strip of cloth and forgot about it. I usually remembered to water it once a week which seemed to suit this plant just fine.

Today I did some plant surgery to get some more geraniums for free. I should have done this weeks ago, but we had a hard freeze last week and I wasn‘t as motivated! I took two cuttings from new green growth, stripped off the lower leaves and little suckers, put them in some good potting soil ($4 at Dollar General Store), and stuck them in front of a window.

We‘ll have to wait and see how these little guys do, but this week we‘ve got great temperatures. My spring porch is crying out for some lovin‘!

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    Looks like you’ve got a little geranium factory going on over there. What a great way to ensure that by mid-summer, you will be surrounded by gorgeous blooms!

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