My entryway has become one of the most used spots in our house. The rack on the wall is from the grandin road catalogue. I loved it when I saw it and we really do hang coats and hats on it. I recently added the floral cone that I made from items from Hobby Lobby. It was my first time in that store and they really have more home decorating items than I expected. Very fun!! I also added the chalkboard so I can write down things I need to do because even with all my little sticky notes Iโ€™m still forgetting!  This really does help nag me into getting things done. The bench from Homegoods is a home for boots, gardening shoes, umbrellas and bubble blowing items for the grandsons. I pass through this space coming in and going out and when heading upstairs for the night and it just calms me for some reason. Thanks for โ€œโ€walking inโ€!  And walking out!  I added the walking out view because that mirror makes me happy too!!  

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    Hi Barb! What a warm and welcoming entry way! Something I wish I had. Your coat rack looks so pretty above your bench seat. The spring floral cone and pillows are the perfect touch to this welcoming space.

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