Teacher Becomes Student

For as long as I can remember, it’s been in my nature to help others feel more comfortable in their homes, to create home where maybe there was only a structure with stuff in it. So it is strange to find myself in this situation.

 Three years ago we left our beloved home in RI and moved to KY for my husband’s job. We also left a very close church family. I thought because we were moving 1200 miles closer to family (including grandsons) that I would be very happy. Circumstances which are too lengthy to explain caused us to move three times in as many years! Now, in a very nice historic leased home, I frankly didn’t have the heart to “love the home I have”, that is, not until I found Melissa. What a blessing.  The photo above is what happened after I gave some love to our living room. Flowers, plants, collected shells and my prayer shawl…thank you Melissa for inspiring me to love this home no matter how long we’re here.

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    I understand the dread of moving so often, I’m sorry that you experienced that (I, too, had three homes in less than three years during one season). But your current room looks so lovely and inviting. Way to go!

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      Thanks so much Missy! After this spruce up, I actually invited guests over for the first cookout since the move. Loving the home I have.

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      Hi Amy,
      I’m smiling about your sweet comment. The green walls were here when we moved in and I thought, “oh GREAT (with bad attitude) what am I going to do with this?” It’s a large room with high ceilings so painting isn’t part of the plan unless we get to stay at least a year longer ;).
      So, in true designer style, and after deciding to love this house, I made the green the accent color! My brother came here for the first time yesterday and he thought I purposely painted it green! Amazing. Have a blessed day!

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      Hi Nancy,
      Yes, the difference is wonderful both in our home and in my heart. My husband comes home every day now looking for what I’ve done. Fun! Thanks for your sweet comment.

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      Its amazing how much a change of attitude is reflected in this space now..and the change is happening all over the house. When we first moved in, my husband was nudging me to hang artwork. I did so, but after becoming grateful, I am moving everything!!

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    Hi Nikki! I hope your are starting to feel more at home now. What a beautiful room you have put together! I really like colors and textures you chose. Very Designer looking!

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      I am overwhelmed by the care of the ladies here. Thanks so much. I’m going to post more photos as I continue to love on this house.

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    So pretty, clean and crisp. I can tell that you have decided to love this home, because it radiates with peace and serenity. I’m really impressed.

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