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When I was first married, we lived in a small one-bedroom apartment and our first table was a pie crust drop-leaf table that I loved and that fit our small place perfectly. Over the years, I have had several tables of varying sizes and shapes. One of my very favourite ones was a Duncan Phyfe that I got at my first auction. It eventually became my table in my first home after my divorce. I loved the roundness of it as I believe this shape is best for conversation. It quickly became apparent that it was too heavy and large for my new condo and so I passed it on to my son and purchased this light glass table  with upholstered chairs. I like the airy feel of the glass but I do admit to worrying too much over fingerprints and scratches. 

The tables in my home, as in most homes, have been the center of all manner of activities. Dinner clubs, bridge games, homework, family meals and games with my grandchildren. The uses changed as life changes but times around the table have always been important. This week, I have chosen to show you my table for two that I will use to celebrate my mom’s eighty-eighth birthday. Since the beginning of the millenium, I have celebrated my own birthday for a complete week. We call it Nancyfest! :) I encourage others to do so as well. It is a simple concept. Each day of Nancyfest I do something nice for  myself. I might rest and read or I might drive to the ocean and revel in its power and magic. I might do something for someone I love. Whatever brings me pleasure. So this table is set for the beginning of my mom’s birthday week. I am busy planning a brunch menu for us to share. Scotty’s Eggs from the Best of Bridge Cookbook series are always a hit. #aroundthe table

For now I will share another recipe that speaks to spring. Although, you can enjoy them anytime. We call them Ruby Keelers after the Canadian actress, singer and dancer from 42nd Street. She was born in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia which is the sister city to my home of Halifax. Not sure how she is connected to these but they will make you want to kick your  heels up! :)

 Ruby Keelers:


20 slices of sandwich bread

 3 ounces of blue cheese

 8 ounces of cream cheese

 1 egg 

20 spears of cooked asparagus

 ½ lb. butter, melted

 Instructions: • Trim crusts from the bread and flatten slightly with a rolling pin. • Blend cheeses and egg to a workable consistency and spread on the bread. • Roll one asparagus in each slice. • Dip in butter to coat thoroughly. • Place rolls on a cookie sheet and freeze. • Slice in one inch pieces (5-6 per roll) • Bake at 400 degrees F. for 15 minutes or until slightly browned.      

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    Thanks Amy! The tole-painted bunny basket is actually one I made for my mom back in the eighties! I found it in the guest room where I sleep while I am caring for her. I think we will have a great birthdayfest for sure!

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    What a bright and cheery table setting! The perfect blend of Spring colors! I really like the pink flowered bowls. I can appreciate your glass table and love the upholstered chairs. I have a glass coffee table in my living room that I purchased a couple of years ago. I felt like I had too many wood pieces already and thought a glass table would make the room feel more light and airy and not seem so small. Thanks for the recipe. I love asparagus. Happy Birthday wishes to your mom!

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    Thanks Maria. It is very seasonal in colour. I changed my colour scheme last year to navy, grey and orange accents but I still have items from former decor….pink bowls came from Pier One I think. It’s been awhile.

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    Such a sweet table and so great that you will be celebrating with your Mother. My husband sometimes celebrates his birthday for a week. It started one year when he wanted a Starbucks coffee, then there was a special dessert and dinner out etc. Everything that week became ok to do because it was his birthday! Maybe, I’ll just start doing week long celebrations too! Loved hearing about your tables!

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    Love it, Nancy! I know that will be a special treat for your Mom. We end up with a 10-day fest of birthdays around here. My father-in-law’s and sister-in-law’s are only 10 days apart, and mine falls right in the middle of that. And, Easter usually falls around the same time, so at some point we all come together around the table to celebrate. Enjoy your week of festivities!

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      We have the same here! My daughter is four days before me and my daughter-in-law is six days after! They too have begun week long celebrations. My daughter just starts early for hers.

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    I love this post! Celebrating each other is so important, and I think being able to do that around the table is a lifelong gift. I gave my Duncan Phyfe dining set away when we moved a couple of years ago. I do miss it. Your table decor is bright & beautiful. Thank you for sharing the recipe, too. Glad to meet you, Nancy!

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    Thanks Brenda! She did! We went to the Inn on the Lake and she opted for their fabulous Seafood Chowder. Ice cream cake later with her great grandchildren who call her Supernan! Fun and busy day.

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