Around The Table

This was the dining room in my Grace House in Tennessee.  The house that still lodges deep in my heart.  When we first moved to Grace house, I did not have a dining room table, so my parents found one at an Antique shop and brought her to me.

The table was missing the leaves, so my dad purchased boards and fashioned the four missing leaves, then stained them to match the table. When the table has all four leaves, it will seat ten.  I have happy memories of friends and family seated around her.

In 2006, since it was going to be our last Tennessee Christmas, the whole family came and celebrated with us.  We  had a wonderful meal and time of fellowship around that table.  

When we first moved back to Kentucky, the table was in our campus apartment and more often than not was piled with mail, books or other odds and ends. At the apartment, we used it without the leaves due to space.

Then the table moved again this time to our little cottage in my hometown, where it became the center of attention in my dining slash workroom slash library.  This was a wonderful room where I could spread out with projects or host a group of people for dinner.  She has worked hard for us over the years.

And at Christmas of 2013

Recently, the table has moved again; to storage this time because my husband needed a studio room for teaching piano. In our small house space is at a premium, so he moved into the larger room and the smaller room where he had his piano became our little dining room with a smaller table.  

For awhile before she went to storage, we felt like we were playing musical tables (I haven’t told you about all our tables). There always seemed to be one table without a home, so this one was sacrificed.  I miss her but know she is patiently waiting  for me to bring her home again when the time is right.

Hoping you find Grace around your table,



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