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This is my first post, so hi all! Around the Table is a perfect first event and I’m excited to share and read your posts! My husband and I built this table before Thanksgiving 2013. Previously we had a beautiful but tiny marble topped pub height table that just wasn’t going to work as a new family of 4. I searched and searched for a replacement and couldn’t find anything I loved at a price point that wouldn’t have me in cardiac arrest each time a toddler sat down to eat, so I sold our tiny table and went to Lowe’s with cash in hand and a 3 month old strapped to my chest to purchase lumber. It took us a week to build and stain and we spent many meals sitting on the kitchen floor eating with our kiddos during that week, which are fun memories as well.

No dining table! Note the baby seat situated to keep my hubby from hitting his head AGAIN on the chandelier.

I made the placemats from some clearance coral-patterned fabric I picked up a long time ago and love the brightness they add. 

One of my favorite things about this table is I don’t care what happens to it. If kids stab their fork tines on it repeatedly, it adds character. (I purposely move their seats around the table periodically to evenly distribute their wear and tear ;) ). Marker, crayon and paints wipe right off, and even if they do something to it that I don’t like, I know I can sand and re-stain the top in a weekend.  

We already have fun memories involving this table and with a 3 and 1 1/2 year old I know we’re really just getting started on the warmth, laughter and love that will continue to surround it.


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    Hi Shannon! Welcome!! I love your table, wow, I’m just so impressed! It’s not only beautiful but I love the idea of a table that bears the marks of children enjoying time around the table with the family. Exactly as it should be! Thanks for inspiring, that’s a wonderful story. Nice to have you here!!

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    WOW! Shannon that is a beautiful table. For Thanksgiving in 2013 my son decided on a very similar project. A large table to fit family gatherings and a durable table to let the children be children. He had a few glitches but in the end he has a beautiful hard-wearing table that is enjoyed by all. Another thing I noticed…he and his wife have dishes with a similar feel that they purchased while honeymooning in Thailand! Must be kindred spirits! 🙂

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    Shannon, you made a beautiful table and I LOVE the picture of you feeding your little sweetie on the floor..been there!
    I so enjoyed your story!

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    My grown-up girls love to sort through the various marks and bangs on our dining table, and remember the stories behind each one. Living in a home with these memories make the changing seasons of life much easier to bear.

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