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As you all know, Henryk and I really don’t like to pay out for help and we hold out on projects until we find high quality items for good prices. I had found this Kholer sink that’s in the above pic (Above is a Home Depot pic) on Craigslist! It was in a new construction house that hadn’t sold. Someone agreed to to buy the house, but wanted a cabinet style sink… their loss was our gain! $65.00! I went with Henryk after work, still in my hospital scrubs. When we arrived, the listing agent said… “Would you by any chance want to take the matching toilet out for us? It would be FREE.” Music to our ears! We hauled the set off and put it in our garage! Yayyy

I really wanted exposed piping in my shower/tub  and saw a ton of what I liked in the price range of $800-$1000… I bought exactly what I wanted in solid brass online for only $160.00

I found the faucet on Overstock for $89.00! I love that it had the bit of white on it to match what I bought for the bathtub and shower. It almost looks like a set without being too matchy matchy

Since we putchased tile for the floors,  I knew I wanted some heated flooring which came in from Denmark within a week! I can’t wait to be rid of the red 1970’s heat lamp in the bathroom! The fixture below will take the place of the red ugly lamp and Noooo I didn’t pay full price!  I bought this light fixture from the TV Set of GLEE now that the show is over.  $150.00 SCORE!!!!

I went with 2 sconces for the sides of the sink from PB because they were such a steal!  They looked very similar in style to the ones Rejuvination sells to go with my amazing (can you tell I love it?) new ceiling light.
Between the pedestal sink and toilet I will have this bidet sprayer. I still don’t know how people can live with wiping paper on their bum and calling it clean… lol  It has a hot/cold ability with a thermostatic mixer to get the temp set just right. Also there is nothing like a drop of peppermint oil in feminine wash to make you feel CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN… Once you get used to it, you simply can’t go without as it would be like going out without brushing your teeth. ?

More ideas of design will be posted in the coming weeks, but these are the bathroom goodies I’ve collected for now. I also need to choose a paint colour .. any ideas?! Hope you liked it!

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    Thank you so much Jody! I love shopping and being able to say… “Look at all the $ I saved us” lol No joke though loving your home and fixing it up and selling is a great way to make a living or extra income.

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    Hi Nila! Love the great finds! My husband and I are do it yourselfers too. Or used to be . . . Our last major project was our bathroom 3 years ago. It was a lot of work! But it payed off in the end. We did it on a budget (Of Course!) and it’s nothing grand, but we were very happy with the outcome. I too chose a pedestal sink (with a large oval basin) and I am so happy with our decision because our bathroom is kind of small and the vanity seemed to take up too much space. I will have to post it someday. Can’t wait to see how your new bathroom turns out!! Good Luck! 🙂

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    SCORE! Color me impressed! Nila, I love pieces with a story and that light fixture from the Glee set fits the bill. Love your choices and can’t wait to see the finished project. Not sure where you want to go with paint color. I don’t usually (as in never) think to use white but the textiles in your picture leads me to believe white and navy with hits of aqua would be smashing. Where do you think you want to go?

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    Hi there Peggy! I was thinking of going maybe a light blue-ish colour on the walls. I have Ocean Air, Paladian Blue left over paint in the house. that could actually work. I also have a grey tan that is Cape May Cobblestone but the blues might feel cleaner in a bath.
    I also have a cute small soap dish I’ve saved for years and years. It is from Scandinavia with little dala on it. It’s RED. I might set that out as a small accent pop . We also are going to knock out the wall ABOVE the toilet to make a built in area to set clean towels and such since there is no storage in the bathroom. I was thinking of making a small first aid box up there as well since we are in earthquake zone.. I can find something, vintage in style & can tie in colours there & make it a bit more cottage like. I think a white shower curtain with maybe a navy trim could look really nice!
    We are also building a small built in area for the electric toothbrushes to fit. Should be nice.

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    WOW, you go girl! Those are some great finds. You have such a flair for style on a budget! And that sprayer, ha, that got me laughing but I’m sure it is a wonderful addition. 😀 I cannot wait to see more of your projects!! xo

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      No Cheri, I do not do this for a living but I would LOVE to! I give haemodialysis to people who need it and work in a hospital. I think my personality suits a much more creative job, but it is what it is for now. 🙂 I am on a wait list to go Part time with my hours. After 21 years full time, I really can’t wait! I’d love to dedicate more time for my home and taking better care of myself rather than I usually do by putting everyone else first.

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    The fact that you found most of the things you needed at such a steal is awesome! I love where you’re going design wise With your bathroom fixtures & lighting! Eek!! It makes me excited!!

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