Around the Table

This is our huge farmhouse table in our tiny dining room.  It has traveled with us from house to apartment to house.  These pictures were taken at our apartment.  We will be moving again in June so we’ve avoided any significant upgrades to our rental.  

The table is where we eat our meals, do our homework, pay our bills, plan all kinds of projects, and celebrate holidays (big and small).  As, you can see, it is also the command center of our home with schedules and calendars on one side and cookbooks to children’s books on the other. 

The grandfather clock behind the table is a family heirloom that I find difficult to decorate around, the bookcases are from Target, the painting is from ebay, and the boxes are from Tiffanys (a gift from a co-worker).  

Where to put everything?

The kitchen is the lit up area to the left and the picture was taken from the living room (same width, with a sliding glass door at the end directly opposite the main wall you are seeing in the picture above).  

I’ve included a picture of the apartment before we moved in so you can better see the layout of the space.  Below, is a picture of my thirteen year old son’s “fancy” lunch last weekend!  

You may be able to see the many scratches and dents in the pine surface.  We like to say they add character!

My mom made the placemats, the plates are fiestaware, and the glass is about twenty years old (purchased from a grocery store promotional around 1993-1994).

The bunny and egg cups are the first signs of spring decorating in the dining room (I just took down the last of the winter items).  Below, you’ll see that I might have been premature.  I took the picture of our window on March 20th, note that it is actually snowing in the picture.  My children were home from school with an early dismissal for bad weather.  

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    Oh dear, I can’t believe all that snow! But yay that you are bringing “spring” on anyway inside! What a great dining space, it’s always nice to have a table with character because that means it gets USED! Love it!

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    Your son’s “fancy” lunch made me 🙂 I think the clock and the bookcases look great together! Thanks for sharing your well loved space.

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