Spring Gathering

Welcome to my Spring Gathering! I feel like inviting you all over for brunch! I don’t have a formal dining room. This table opens up and I can add 2 more leafs for special occasions. I guess you can say my home is not formal, but I would like to think it is inviting to everyone who walks through our front door. Someday, I would like to replace the black spindle chairs with new ones that are mixed in style to give my table more character. Maybe even paint the table off white! This dining area takes up about half of our kitchen. Someday I would like to show you the other half. Thatโ€™s another story! #AroundTheTable

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    Love your table. It does look welcoming. What I can see I think the black chairs look fine. Don’t they say we need a little black in every room for grounding? Saw your other post and the bunny – so now going to get mine out!! Happy Spring.

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      Thank you Brenda! I never heard about a little black in every room for grounding. I think I have that covered for the rest of the rooms in my house. Thanks for the tip! And Happy Spring too!

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    Pretty table setting! Do I see seed packets at each place? Great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been wondering about a take-away for a lunch I am having on Sunday. Just might steal this idea. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I really relate to your post cause, like me, you seem to always be planning a future change. So many ideas; so little time, eh? Thanks for sharing.

  4. 6

    Thanks Nancy! It’s funny about the seed packets. I totally forgot I had them and came across them the other day when I was cleaning out a storage basket in my kitchen. Spring Cleaning has begun!

  5. 7

    Pretty, pretty space, just the way it is. Like you, I always dream about switching up and “improving” my home design. Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to say, hey, this space is great!

  6. 9

    Love the table! I gave up my formal dining for a home library room. I care not for formal home. I like yours. If you look at mine, you know i tisn’t formal or stiff. Who lives like that?

  7. 10

    I love your Spring table setting! The colors are so pretty together and I love that you have seed packets at each seat…such a thoughtful idea. Happy Spring!

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