Around the Table

My farm table and chair set was purchased about 20 years ago. I was married at the time, and we were raising our young son. In our old house it stood in the kitchen nook in front of a bay window with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Throughout the years family and friends have gathered ‘round for meals or just a beverage and a chat. Six people can pretty comfortably squeeze in. For larger gatherings or parties we used it as a buffet table and guests would sit in the living room with plates on their laps. Board games were played here, arts and crafts were created, and several years of helping with homework and school projects were completed. Birthday cakes were cut, and prayers were prayed. Our kitty cats have leisurely pranced across, and our dog used to lay underneath in hopes of a morsel dropping. Such great memories!

We eventually did a big home remodel, which included adding a formal dining room, but a pool table ended up in that space instead. Lol! And honestly that probably got much more use than a formal dining table would have.

Nowadays, the farm table is mainly a table set for one, although I‘ve already enjoyed serving a few family members and friends here at my new place. My table is simple and informal, but cute and homey. Here‘s to making many NEW memories around the table for years to come!!


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    I remember well the popularity of this style back in the 90s and I am so impressed how the classic styling and colors have held up over the years. Your set still looks as warm and welcoming as ever. Adorable.

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      Thanks, Diane! I think it looks best with a tablecloth. It’s a nice way to add color to my room and it’s fun to change the look with different patterns.

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