Adding in Green

Hello! After a long, cold Michigan winter I sure am eager to welcome spring!  It’s still chilly here and it will be a bit before things green up outside.  So, I have “greened” things up indoors to lift our spirits!  What a difference even faux greens and mosses make.  Hopefully it won’t be too much longer and I can clip fresh greenery and flowers to bring inside.

This moss ball in an antique urn makes me smile every time a catch a glimpse of it! Happy Spring!

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    Hi Lisa,

    I LOVE your pictures. Can I ask what the smaller green balls are in the glass vases? I really like that look! Awesome job decorating….I love black chest area! I’m from Michigan as well, so I hear you on when it comes to being ready for spring!

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    Pretty and fresh. I was born and raised in Michigan and I well remember that springtime craving for the world to turn green again. Mother Nature may need a bit more time to work her miracles, but you have accomplished great things inside your home. Beautiful!

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    Hi Lisa, your home definitely got me into that spring fever mood. I love that script on the board behind your hydrangea, I wish I could read all of it! Where did you find that?

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