painting makes it clean?

Now I really did scrub these walls they were covered in random stickers and cobwebs, but nothing looked CLEAN until that primer went on the walls. now luckily we know a guy…. truth be told we know a lot of guys, but this particular one owns a paint sprayer so we were able to paint the whole house in under an hour. Yes it is a small house, but I’ve done my fair share of painting and the timing was impressive. I cant wait to get the color on and flooring in and trim up. I may be a little impatient, but lets remember I have 7 days to be out of my house. As I am writing that I am feeling my self get overwhelmed … Oh boy there is a lot left to do like pack. Where is my fairy god mother when I need her… no gown or ball for me just please flick your wand and have my house packed thank you!! If you can’t already tell me and the little broke away for a girls date to Cinderella. She is worth every distraction   

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    Wow, lots of work but so great that you found someone to paint for you, that sure saves time! Glad you took a little time out for Cinderella, I haven’t seen it yet but it looks like the perfect date for a little cutie like that!

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    the hubby still painted we just borrowed the sprayer, but it was way lucky there was one available for us to use!!! She loved it, but I’m pretty sure she went for the frozen clip and stayed for the movie!!

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    NOTHING beats the amazing transformative power of a fresh coat of paint! So glad your ugly walls are behind you, and let the moving begin!

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