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      Diane, if you really want to know here goes. I bought the painting for $500 or a bit from a Cuban American woman artist at an annual arts festival locally here where I live in Florida in January 2012 while pregmant with my third child. It is a large size oil painting with lots of texture and vibrant colors that I am attracted to. The artist told me I made her day upon paying for the paintng with my American Express Credit card. Art is personal to each person. I just love that painting and it was the only time I had to pay that much for a piece of art. The artist wanted $700, and I told her I would pay her $500 and not to argue with me or I would walk away and she said “sold” when I was opening my bag, I realized I had forgoten my wallet so I had to drive home and came back to her with my wallet. Good thing I don’t live far from the location of the arts festival.

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