A huge transformation!

The feeling I tried to achieve in our living room is light and airy; but warm enough to feel cosy during the 9 months of our rainy & cold season. All the work was done by just  the two of us. Henryk is the builder, I am the painter & decorator. (We really aren’t either of those but we’d like to think of ourselves like that!):D 

Can you even imagine that we fell in love with this house when we moved in? We spent Christmas sanding the floors & eating Xmas dinner on top of a propped ironing board. LOL

I splurged and got my Octopus pillow that I wanted! Yayyy

Doesn’t MamaSita look great for 15?

So here is the rough cut fallen walnut tree that hubby decided to make into a sofa table. We saw these sofa tables in a Seattle shop and they went for about $800!

My husband sanded and re-sanded sooo many times; this table is as smooth as glass now.

I didn’t like the lamp below, so I switched it out with the one in the top pic. I think the table looks great and really makes a statement.I had scrap fabrics that I sewed the other 3 throw pillows with so I didn’t have to spend any more $$$

Annie’s pressie this week was a new toy basket. The last one was too high and she kept hitting her throat and knocking the wind out of herself. lol Bless her heart, poor little thing! This one curves on the front, its Just Right! :)

*The walls were painted Seasalt (SW), the floors sanded and stained with English Oak (Daly’s). We updated the mantel with shiplap and marble (you can see more on my previous post on how we did it) We placed a wood stove into the fireplace that heats the entire house! We bought a white painted buffet for under the TV, recycled a fallen tree into sofa table, and just as we were about to splurge on Crate & Barrel furniture… one of the MDs who works here in Seattle let me buy her entire slip covered sofa set! (Huge $ savings!!!) I purchased my rug on Dash & Albert because it’s bleach-able, hose-able and can handle the amounts of wear & tear/ muddy paws that come through Corner Cottage! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. 1

    That table is beautiful – your hubby did a wonderful job! Your whole room is gorgeous – if you were going for light and airy/cozy and comfy, I’d say you nailed it. Really beautiful space, Nila! 🙂

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  3. 3
  4. 4

    Hi Nila! Mission accomplished! Light, airy AND refreshing! I love the slip covered furniture and the sofa table really pulls off the whole look. So Unique! If I had a fireplace, I might have to replicate yours along with the shiplap and that beautiful mirror. So inspiring! And the TV stand is awesome!
    I LOVE everything about this room! 🙂

  5. 5

    Your room is beautiful! How neat that you and your husband did so much yourself. You should be so proud. The room is beautiful, light, and airy. It’s also welcoming! Who doesn’t love a puppy friendly house. 🙂

    I can’t leave without saying that table is amazing!!

  6. 6
  7. 7

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on our small and humble living room. I am really looking forward to having a roaring fire going this autumn and snuggle under the throw blankets. Once the rain kicks in, I will really be able to test my Dash & Albert rugs. So far, so good! 😀

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