Cherry Brandy for Christmas

I made some cherry brandy last night after picking 2.80kg of cherries. Well even after eating our fill of cherries I still have tons left so I have decided that I shall make a Rumtopf for Christmas ……….. google it like I did…….. I have a few strawberries and some raspberries that can go in too so it should be utterly delicious by Christmas and just think of all that rum soaked fruit mush that I will be able to use like a sauce over ice cream.If you have been for a walk lately you may have spotted that it is going to be a cracking year for blackberries…… hmmmmm now I am wondering whether to pick more cherries and try making cherry wine. I have nothing to lose as the cherries are free for the picking. Then I will need to make some blackberry wine and probably some plum wine using fruit picked locally from hedgerows..

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    This looks sooo good Cheri! I’bet you can use it on top Christmas pudding too omg how delicious! When I was younger in Italy I helped my family make strawberry Liquer & lemon cello quite often. This looks like equal amounts of fun!!!

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