A Birthday Gift from Hubby

When we moved into Corner Cottage, I begged for a Smeg refrigerator. My husband gave me two reasons why it wouldn’t happen. 1) for resale purposes it doesn’t appeal toAmerican  families, especially folks who shop at SAMs & Costco and have the mentality that bigger is better 2) we would have to grocery shop too often. There went my dreams… Or so I thought ! 

Smeg now makes Small Appliances & since I’m a tea & french press coffee drinker the kettle was top on my list ! It’s so retro & cute :) hubby has agreed to by me piece by piece! Yayyy isn’t it gorgeous?

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    Thanks so much Melissa! I really wanted a kettle with more colour but the turquoise looking one is actually jade green so it wouldn’t go. I thought about PINK but chickened out not knowing what my future kitchen would look like if we movec. lol

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    Hi Nila! I LOVE the retro look of your coffee maker! It’s so cute! It adds a really nice touch to your counter top. I have been adding a little vintage appeal to my “Mini Kitchen Refresh” which I will be posting soon, My husband and I were thinking of buying a coffee press. Can I ask where Hendrick bought it? 🙂

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