Wood stove?

Trying to decide on the fireplace look and stove for our new construction home. Visit my blog for the whole story, http://camusrd.blogspot.com/2015/03/decision-wood-stove-and-fireplace.html 

The summary is we need to find a stove that can have a low clearance height to achieve the look I have. Do you have a stove in your house? Do you love it? How’’s it styled in your house?.

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    Our last home had a small woodstove in the sitting area of our kitchen. I miss all the times we sat around the fire drinking coffee! What I do not miss is all the dirt it created on my kitchen floor! Love the idea photo you have!

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    I just installed a low profile wood stove by jotul of Norway because they offered adjustable leg heights. If you click on my name and fireplace remodel you can see how we installed it. Best $$ spent! Also look into Morso, they were the other company that had adjustable legs. Good luck & I can’t wait to see what you decide!

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