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At the beginning of 2014, I went through a severe decluttering phase that helped in so many other areas of life. I revamped my wardrobe, nailed my personal style and color palette, and even began helping my girlfriends rid their closets of the unnecessary.

In 2015, I discovered that I’m really someone who likes to see my favorite things displayed in the home, so I don’t fit completely in the minimalist camp. I’d like to think I’m somewhere in the middle :)

One of the greatest joys for me is seeing books lovingly stacked in all areas of a home. I dream of having a dining room with a beautiful wall of bookshelves filled with colorful volumes of fiction, memoirs, and cookbooks.

I got rid of a lot of books in 2014. I don’t think I’ll go down that road again for awhile, lol. I think books add so much to a space.

Whether the genre is home + garden or inspirational, I’d love to hear your recommendations. Thanks so much!

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    I am a book lover, too! I have them everywhere. I have a problem with the trend of using books purely for decoration, such as the color of their spine. Books have a life and purpose.

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      Thank you for visiting Shelley! I look forward to heading to your place 🙂 I love your recommendations, much appreciated! I have seen the Perfectly Imperfect Home at the bookstore, and have been thinking I may want to purchase it!

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    I like the simple flower on top of the stack of books you have in the photo. If you look at my posts on my master bedroom and my home library room you will see a lot of bookshelves with books. I love books so much I gave up a dining room proper for a home library room transformation. I am so much happier thanks to the transformation. I keep all my books, especially the academic ones,. I respect others who also love and keep books and take care of their books.

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      Hi Hanh! I have an Auntie Hanh (my stepmother is Vietnamese) 🙂 I thank you for visiting and look forward to heading on over to your place. I totally understand giving up a room to create a library. Thanks for the invite!

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    I have a love for books, too. I need more shelves! I’m just wondering if our children and grandchildren will have stacks of old cell phones, laptops, and i=pads, etc. on their tables, displayed with loving care, and maybe a little vase of flowers to accent them..

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      Debra, thanks so much for visiting! That is interesting, isn’t it? I find it amusing that with all of this technology, the tactile is still most appealing to me. I’m sad to say that I rarely use my Kindle. Perhaps I’ll use it more if I stack it with the other books, haha!

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    Hi Jess! What a lovely tablescape! I too made the mistake of purging books. 🙁
    I love them in a home. I use to have a very large cookbook collection but when I moved to my smaller place I gave many up. Now I am slowly collecting again…lesson learned!
    I am posting a favourite corner at the next block party and you guessed it…there are books involved! My all time favourite is To Kill A Mockingbird. I really enjoy mysteries and books by James Patterson and David Baldacci and of course Jeffrey Archer. Thanks for sharing your place!

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