Coffee and Snow

Coffee and Snow.   This picture is what I woke up to today (March 15th) in Eastern Canada.  I live in a condo which I love so no shoveling or mowing grass (spoiled).  What drew me to my home is natural light and location.  It faces south-west so in the summer I curl up on the balcony with a good book and I am all set.  Looking forward to getting to know everyone – this is a neat idea.  Thank you.

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    Ironically it is a cozy picture because of the coffee description. I live bi-coastal (summer in California and 3 other seasons in Florida) so I can’t really know what it’s like shovel snow. But I have lived a few winters in Germany. I can tell you I am glad I don’t have to live in cold/snowy climate. I like the sun. Here in Florida I had to turn on all cooling devices ( central ac, ceiling fans, standing fans, etc.) because it has been in high 80s F.

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    I live in Eastern Canada too! Bedford, Nova Scotia. It has been a long winter but I live in a condo as well so I can leave the snow removal to others as well. Nice to meet you neighbour! 🙂

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    Well that’s fun! I really thought your picture seemed close to home. 🙂
    Also with the MacD I should have thought you might be in Nova Scotia.
    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you Brenda. Also looking forward to seeing this neck of the woods warming up sometime soon!

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