The new bathroom

My new master bath is just about done. I’m happy with the results now that all of the dust is gone! I adore the floor tile. I went a little more rustic than planned because I wanted to warm up the space. It’s a small bathroom but we at least have two sinks now. Just waiting on the shower door. I also went with a sliding “barn”door for the bathroom door because the space is small. That’s not in yet, I hope I made the right choice.  I have one wall to decorate and I’m waiting to find the perfect piece. Off to Homegoods!!


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      Thanks Colleen, I can’t wait to see it either!! Someone is making it for me and I chose a whitewash finish. Fingers crossed! I appreciate all of your kind comments, seems we are on the same page on design 🙂

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    Loving your tile too. I’ve been looking to update my master bath and have considered similar tile. Considering butting tile close together to eliminate as much grout as possible. I use a lot of hair product and hate scrubbing grout. Anyone seen it done like that or have suggestions on keeping grout clean? Also like your quartz countertop. What is the name of pattern. Look forward to seeing the finish look of your bathroom, Barb.

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    Linda, thank you! The counter is quartz and called sparkling white. It’s not exactly bright white and it does have the occasional bit of sparkle in it. It makes me happy! I like your idea about the grout, it might even look more like real wood that way. Not sure if that’s possible or not. If you do it, post pics!

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    Thanks Kristin, the pulls are from Home Depot. I’m sure you could find them elsewhere but I felt that was one place I could go a little cheaper. Barn door goes up tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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    Is that a tile floor that looks like wood? If so, I would love to hear all your thoughts on it, both good & bad. My husband and I were just discussing that. We saw it on HGTV. We really liked it!

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      Hey Wendy, sorry I never answered you, I just saw this comment! Yes it’s the wood look tile. I’ve had it a couple of months now and I love it! I can’t say anything bad about it. It truly looks like wood. So much so that I found myself feeling spots on the tile that I was sure would have been rough to the touch and they were always smooth, lol. I highly recommend it.

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        That’s ok! I’m glad you like it. I think that will be our next floor in the bathroom. We’ve talked about wood but I really love tile. This seems to be the answer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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