Drive By in the Presidio neighborhood, San Francisco

Last week, while vacationing with my daughter, I had a bucket list of my own. Our family activities included the legendary Alcatraz tour, traveling down Hwy 1 to Carmel-By-The-Sea, Monterey and Big Sur, eating good eats from food trucks and moving my daughter to a slighter larger place (Whoopee! Grandchild #1 is on the way!). One of the top priorities for me personally, was to walk through beautiful neighborhoods in San Francisco. I am always amazed at how VERTICAL everything is built there, and how they are built on the steep slopes that eventually take you down to the bay. And the manicured manner in which they keep their homes is amazing! I noticed lots of diamond patterns in their lush greenery, from hedges that are trimmed that way (top photo), to the ivy trails along brick fences (bottom photo). How about that ”Dr. Seuss-ish” tree on the corner!? You can see our ”puppy” (London) checking it out, too.

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    What a beautiful drive by, thank you! It has been years since I visited San Francisco so this took me back to how wonderful it is! Such a beautiful city and homes. I too love the manicured yards, so unique and pretty to look at! Thank you for taking us on the tour. Congrats on the grandbaby!!

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    Chris, your photos are wonderful! What a treat 🙂 They sparked sweet memories of SF. I lived near the Presido in a tiny studio apartment for 24 years before returning to the Midwest. I recognize the homes and streets you captured. It was my favorite neighborhood for cardio walks and views of the bay.

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