Drive By near Pebble Beach

Last week while visiting our daughter in San Francisco, we all loaded into the car and headed down Hwy 1 to spend a few days in the Carmel-By-The-Sea, Monterey and Big Sur area. What a splendid idea that turned out to be! We checked out lighthouses, historic bridges, hiked to amazing waterfalls, discovered beaches full of sea lions on ocean-side trails, and did lots of ”Drive By’s! I thought I was the only one who really liked to do that (besides my daughter of course, we are kindred souls when it comes to homes and neighborhoods even though mostly share this love via the internet since we live 18 hours away from each other), but now I have found my peeps!! I snapped this photo while driving through a neighborhood near the Pebble Beach 17 Mile Drive. I was amazed at the care, charm and character of the homes in the area and while I snapped this one, I could have just as easily photographed hundreds of other homes in this neighborhood.

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    That house.

    I am smitten.

    I haven’t been to Carmel in years but I really need to find the time to go back. Thanks for showing me this home, it is adorable! I just adore all the Carmel cottages and how they feature such impeccable detail!! It is inspiring!

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