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This is my laundry room. I got these letter blocks to celebrate my love of home and all the wonderful stories our homes tell! 

I was so excited to hang them that I got a few letters hung a little crooked but still, I love it! Do you ever get so excited to hang something new that you don’t measure first? The truth is I never measure, I just make a million holes in the wall. It drives my husband crazy! :)

There is a giveaway for Letter Blocks of your favorite word or phrase over on The Inspired Room right now, so go enter! I love having things in my home that mean something, don’t you?

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    My motto: Measuring is for the weak.

    So are hammers. I once had a roommate who literally took off her high-heeled shoe and used it to pound a nail into our wall, and she quickly became my DIY hero.

    My husband is not impressed.

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