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Hi, I am a retired teacher living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I taught Home Economics, Drama, and Leadership and worked at our school board in Safe Schools where I helped with all issues around safety in our schools. I have two adult children and three wonderful grandchildren who fill my life with joy. I am blessed with many caring and fun-loving friends and family members. I love to spend time celebrating life with them doing lunches, day trips around my lovely province and searching for treasures to enrich my space. I enjoy rug-hooking, reading, cooking, and most of all decorating my home. I currently live in a small condo and have been changing my decor to suit me and my lifestyle. I love an eclectic mix of furniture and displaying items that have a personal meaning to me. Recently, I have been living with my mom to care for her. Her condo is a floor below mine in the same building. It has put my decorating on hold but not my interest in reading about decorating and making one’s house a home. I knew my recent changes were right for me on the day I walked into my living room and a large contented sigh escaped and a big smile of contentment spread across my face.  I still have more to do but I am well on my way.

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    For many of us, making a beautiful home is a lifetime journey. Your life sounds interesting and rick, and I would love to see how your home has evolved along with you. Please post some photos soon!

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