You Know You Love Me

I have a weird obsession with scraps. 

When I‘m messing around with my art, I never know what little snip or snap might eventually come in handy. So I take the prudent course. 

Every cast-off trimming is carefully protected and added to my you-never-know pile.

And while I continue to work on my main project, my eyes often wander back to that unassuming little heap, sifting through the odds and ends and imagining what they might become. 

Some days, I get nothing, and end up sweeping the whole mess into the recycling at the end of my work session. 

But other times, I hit the jackpot.

Yesterday was one of the good days. 

I might be in love with this tiny Valentine banner, fashioned from: 

leftover scraps of pink and red painted paper 
brown paper grocery bags used as drop cloths for a gold-spray painting project, 
and rejected bits of baker‘s twine. 

Kind of obsessed with the bright bursts of intense color against the lush gold backgrounds. 

Plus, every time I see this darling little frollop of festive fun, I hear a soft, familiar voice purring in my ear: 

You know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl

Ranger, you know you love me. 
And I love you…even more than Chuck Bass loves Blair.

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    Is that a little bunting I see? I discovered bunting recently and I love it! I like everything I see on this post. I am no pet lover, but I even like the picture of the dog. I never waste scrap fabric ,scrap paper, ribbons, etc.

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      I love little buntings and banners and garlands because there is literally no end to the variations and fresh ideas! I love to make them for friends and family for their special days, and since I live far away from my extended family, it’s a nice little gift for when I can’t be present. My third born daughter is currently living in Vietnam and I send them to her quite often. 🙂

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        What part of Vietnam does your third daughter live in? Sending buting to her all the way there is a lovely thing to do, but isn’t expensive with the post?

      • 6

        She is staying in Danang. I went to visit her there last summer and fell in love with that sweet city. And the buntings I make for her are small enough to fit in a normal envelope so the postage is cheap. Usually just a dollar.

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        Vietnam is my birth country though I came here when I was nine. Beautiful beaches it has. Suggest to your daughter to visit Da Lat if she hasn’t already, a beautiful resort city with many French in influences, and my birth town. Da Lat has a colder climate and many pine trees.

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