Why we love our red painted cottage

My husband and I have had our cottage for nearly 12 years, and what makes it really great, it’s only 40 minutes from our house.  I named my blog after our cottage because we find so much peace and quiet here. 

Our cottage is always open to anyone when we’re there

So please come on in and stay awhile…

This is where I paint and create.  It’s not a lot of room, but it works for me.  Especially on this wonderful, chippy enamel table I bought for only $25!

Miss Molly likes to lay on the daybed or at my feet while I’m painting

Anyways, here’s more of our cottage, along with views of our cottage life.

I painted the bottom laminate cabinets when we first moved in and I can honestly say, they’ve held up well, without any bangs or dents, and no chips! 

We bought the hamper for $1.  It use to be pink and my husband spray painted it, I made the insert to hold the dirty clothes and then I hand painted the blue gill fish and decided ”Catch of the Day” would be an appropriate phrase for this.

There’s also a loft for sleeping or storage

And this is the inside of our screened gazebo

One of 5 lakes on our chain of lakes.  Look closely in the next photo and see if you can spot the deer

I’m currently taking my readers on a detailed tour of The Red Painted Cottage, through my blog. 

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    What a lovely cottage you have, Carol. It reminds me of the charming little lake cottages back in Michigan (where I’m originally from). I would definitely enjoy summers in a cottage such as yours. 🙂

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