20 Little Things and A Summer Challenge

Hey guys! We wanted to make sure saw the block party theme for this week! (We post it weekly in the events section and will try to remember to remind you in a story and on social media).

This week’s theme is “20 Little Things”! Share with us 20 little things you love about your home using the hashtag #20littlethings

We also wanted to let you know about a fun summer challenge! (Check out the post today on The Inspired Room for more details).

 We can’t wait to see everyone sharing their challenges here on Home Love Stories this summer.

PS…did you know you can do video posts here too? Instead of a photo, you can upload a short video! How cool would that be if you showed us a video of the 20 little things you love about your home, or featured your summer challenges in video!

Yay! Maybe I’ll try one of those too.

Either way, whether you capture video on your cell phone or share photos, we’ll see you around the neighborhood this summer. 

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