Twenty Little Things That Are Really Big Things

Reflecting about the little things I love about my home made me realize that they may be little things but they have become “big” due to their importance in my life. I moved into my home about 15 years ago when my husband and I separated. It was as you can imagine a devastating time. I began rebuilding my life and for the first time, I owned property all on my own. Independence was something new for me and I was scared. Now I look around my home and find there are few things left from my previous homes. I have created a home which reflects only me and my personality. So here is my list:

#1. I love the safe feeling I have when I  am curled up on my sofa watching television or reading. It just feels right to be here.

#2. I love  my memory drawer where I keep mementos from my career and special times in my life like my graduation with my M Ed, gifts and cards from family, friends and former students. It is nice to reminisce.

#3. My view from my balcony – I overlook a sports field and love to hear the crowds cheering on a summer night of baseball or the fans of football in the fall. 

#4. The colors of my walls. My place now feels brighter and more light-filled. The bedrooms have a spa-like feel.

#5.  My living room chairs. The big floral print is a departure for me. (I have always leaned toward neutrals and solids.)Changing things up is fun.

#6. My kitchen sideboard. It has given me more storage and counter space in my little galley kitchen.

#7. My “High Tide”poster. Purchased on line from “Shorely Chic”.

#8. My decorating books and magazines. I enjoy these so much!

#9. My meaningful art. I love all the  pieces that I’ve collected as they all have a story to share.

#10. My “Titanic” Bell. It is a reproduction I found in a little gift store in Chester, NS. Halifax has many passengers of the Titanic buried here. I love the bell as my grand-kids like to give it a ring when they drop in. 🙂 

#11. My air conditioner. I give  thanks for this item all summer long when it is hot and muggy outside.

#12. My gurgle jug. This was another find in Chester, NS. It is really cute and it is designed to make a gurgling noise when you pour. Best part was that it was on sale for less than half of the original price. Don’t you just love a bargain? 🙂

#13. My magnifying mirror. I purchased it from my friend who was having a yard sale to raise money for her brother who has MS. It was donated to the sale by another friend who has since passed away. It is great for my old eyes! :)

#14. My cookbook collection

#15. My guest room. It’s where my grand-kids come to stay and play.

#16. My living room blind. I waited 15 years for this and love how it gives me privacy at night. It is really neat as it is shear with vanes in the middle so I can adjust it for complete privacy or to allow soft light in.

#17. My Cottage carving. This is an incredible piece hand-carved in minute detail. You can even see the hanging baskets on the front porch! It is very special to me as this is a carving of the cottage I stayed in in Hubbards, NS when I attended my son’s wedding.

#18. My blue collection. I have a small collection of blue accessories  which have special meaning for me. They range from the Willow Tree Angel from my Mom to vases that were gifts from two friends who have passed. They remind me to savor every day with those I love.

19. I love the soft glow of my lamps in the evening. They send a message that I should be at peace and relax because I am home.

20. This item is in the works. It is a dresser that I am refinishing and planning to post about next week when it is completed and home. (I am working in my son’s PODS warehouse.) Please drop by next week to see how it comes out! #20littlethings

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  1. 1

    Nancy, for some reason I felt a calm when reading your list. You have such a beautiful way with words. I envy that. I could have read twenty more items lol Thanks for sharing. I hope to plod my way through a list of my own one of these days!

    • 2

      What a sweet thing to say Barb! I worried after that I wasn’t funny and entertaining. I wondered if anyone would want to read all that! 🙂
      Can’t wait to see your list to see what we have in common. Hope your day is happy!

  2. 3

    Thanks for sharing, Nancy! I think we’d get along great as neighbors and friends…you’re my kind of people. I especially agree that it’s the little things with stories that really make us love the home we have.

    • 4

      Right back at ya Jennifer! I see so much in your posts that makes me think we are kindred spirits across the pond! Hope your health is improving each day and you are feeling great! 🙂 Hugs!

  3. 5

    What a beautiful list, Nancy! I agree with Barb – this was a very enjoyable, comforting, calming read. I imagine your home is comforting and calming as well. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  4. 6
  5. 8

    How is your summer, Nancy? I love your 20 things you love about your home, too. I am not home to so I can’t contribute to this post, but I love reading yours and others. It is really the little things in life that make you happy and content. It may be different for each person, but taken as a whole things make us who we are.

    • 9

      Hi Hanh! I’ve been missing your posts! You should do one about where you are for the summer. It is California I believe.
      My summer is going well. The warmer weather has been a long time coming this year so I am enjoying the nice days now.
      Our students do not start summer until the last day of June and June is busy with end of the year activities. Now I am now spending more time with my granddaughters and my grandson. I need to do another top coat on the dresser I have painted and I will post about that soon. It is the 20th thing on my list. I am also planning a post touring my neighborhood and a bit of my province as I take day trips. So much to do and so little time! Happy 4th of July to you and yours! 🙂

      • 10

        I would have done the post, but things don’t stay where one person puts them because my parents’s house right now has them, my younger brother, me and my 3 children, plus my uncle’s family of 4 people whom my mother sponsored. And their house is around 1600 square feet. They have a huge backyard though. So as you can imagine life can be crowded and hectic. We did manage to go tothe beach today though. Happy 4th of July to you, too.

  6. 11
  7. 13

    Hi Nancy! I think it is SO GREAT that all these little things . . . whether it is an object, memorabilia, or even the comforting feeling you have made for yourself within your home, that brings so much meaning and happiness to your life. We should all feel this fortunate! It should be the littlest of things that brings us the most joy! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. 15

    You have a way of sharing your soul,,,,,,,,, in the most beautiful and personal way.
    Your home and thoughts are a reflection of what a talented and special lady you are.
    Without a doubt your kids at school are lucky munchkins to have you as a teacher!

    • 16

      Merci Robin! You kind words make me very, very happy. 🙂 I was so blessed with many, many wonderful munchkins over the years. I forgot to mention that at the end of my career, I went to work at the school board office in the Safe Schools division of School Administration. Although I had taught teenagers for so many years, this new position allowed me to give workshops and presentations around bullying to elementary students as well…I really enjoyed them and their enthusiasm.

  9. 17

    Nancy,I’m finally taking time to read some of my new friends posts…I too feel like you put into words beautifully the loves of your life..the simple,sweet and meaningful things,and places and people in your life…I think I’d like to make a list too….and see what I come up with!
    So often my journey is hard and I give a lot of myself to my family…but stopping and thinking about what we are thankful for is something I need to do more of….Blessings to you and yours.❤️

  10. 18

    Thanks Della. I started in this neighborhood last winter when I was living with my mom while she was sick. I found it was a great escape for me and I met some lovely fun ladies. I am sure you will enjoy this experience. Making the list was one of the block party ideas from Melissa and it was really enjoyable reading everyone’s list.
    Welcome to the neighborhood! 🙂

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