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Life has some hard things.  Wether you are dealing with illnesses, finacial difficulties, bad descions or death of a family member or friend.  This past week held one of those hard things for me.  A very dear friend was killed in a motorcycle accident.  My heart shattered.  I loved my dear friend.  Picking up the pieces after such pain is easier when you can share your life with the family of our loved one.  Bringing dinners, stopping in for a short visit.   Weeping on each other’s shoulder. All these things give comfort.

Her memorial service is on Sunday.  With all sorts of family members coming for the memorial, we offered our home for beds and comfort.  We aren’t sure how many will be staying with us just yet, but we are preparing two bedrooms.  I’m so glad we are able to open our doors in such a time of need.  Isn’t this what home is all about, opening our doors to strangers, allowing others into your comfort zone..  My husband and I have had the pleasure of opening our home to strangers before and we’ve always been blessed because of it.

Our little abode in comfortable, tidy and relaxing.  We aren’t fancy, we don’t have a McMansion.  What we do have is a welcoming spirit, clean sheets, a hot shower, good food and some open doors.

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    Linda, I’m sorry for your loss. Your message is sad but so important. In a world obsessed with making homes pretty, you remind us of what is important and loving and real. Thank you for that.

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