My favorite place

Hello, so nice to meet you!

I am Anne, I live on the 4th floor in the corner apartment. My husband and I are empty nesters now, so we can spread out :-)

The picture I have chosen to show you is my favorite little corner of the world, my desk in the corner of our so-called dining room. This is where I sit and (try to) think. Through the door to the rught of my desk you can see another favorite corner, my book shelves with my chair next to it by the window. Oh, my books. I love them almost as much as my friends and family. Between us, my husband and I have an iPad, a Kindle, a laptop, a stationary PC and two iPhones, but I will always keep my books. The pleasure of opening a new book, looking at the cover and the first pages, and anticipating the hours of pleasure or new information :-)

When I am not here reading or thinking, I am at work (full time) or taking care of my mother or my daughterΒ΄s two little boys. Or my house plants and flowers. And of course my husband (he knows very well that he comes after the plants ;-) – I love my plants almost as much as my books).

If you were really my neighbor, I would invite you in for a cup of tea and we would sit in the lovely evening light, that we are blessed with because of the corner (= windows on two sides of the room) and get to know each other. But – I just realise I forgot to tell you that I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, so I guess a lot of you are too far away … never mind, I will put the kettle on anyway :-)


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    Your apartment makes me feel so “at home.” When you said you were from Copenhagen,, I realize the reason is my family came to the USA from Sweden and I am drawn Scandanavian decorating!

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    I love your desk. I love your apartment. I love your whimsical and perfectly logical sense of priorities. I think we are meant to be very good friends, and I’m going to start walking toward Copenhagen right now. Watch for me.

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    Great to meet you! Thank you for sharing your lovely home. I also live in an apartment and love that we can make it cozy and quaint no matter the size. Love your display of books throughout πŸ™‚

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      Yes, the books are a necessity in my life – and the fact that we live in an apartment is really no reason not to live as good a life as possible πŸ™‚

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    Godmorgen Anne! Copenhagen is not so far from eastern Belgium, so perhaps I will stop by for tea some day! I have visited your city a couple of times already, and I love the canals and old architecture. I found it challenging as a foot pedestrian, though, to stay out of the way of the bicyclists coming from all directions! I am rather envious of your 1925 city apartment. πŸ™‚ That period of design between the two world wars is my favorite.

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