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So we live in a 1950’s ranch style apartment and have for a long time.  (Yes, this is a rental!)  In the past, we painted the cabinets and added a bead board back splash.  Now it was time to remove some of the dated boxed in area over the windows and hang a couple of new light fixtures.  It’s still a work in progress.  We will be painting the cabinets white and freshening up the trim and ceiling once the weather warms up-which will be soon hopefully!  The light fixtures are from Home Depot and I just love ‘em!!  I know these pics are a bit rough, but I wanted to make my first post.  Stay tuned for more!

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    tricky, it being an apartment – but they did let you take out the ‘awnings’ lol. how far will they let you go? i love the lights too. and i’m Crazy about the box space left behind above the two hanging cabinets. it looks like a custom build now.

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