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This is my kitchen.  It works ok.  Its big by kitchen standards. Do you see the microwave over there?  The electric cooktop is below it and is tightly flanked by the extra deep fridge.  I spend my life in that dark little corner staring at the wall.  My back to rest of my kitchen.  The big part.  It has driven me insane for the last 4 years. That wall is coming down.  On the other side of the wall is my family room (see the TV through the little doorway?  Through the other cutout on the other wall is my sunroom.  That wall will stay in place because the sunroom has vaulted ceilings and can be loud.  Here are some other pictures of the kitchen as it stands today…

I would love any advice on how to survive at least 6-8 weeks in kitchen mess with these three! TIPS? SURVIVAL GUIDE?!?!?

I’ll share the plan in another post as soon as I figure out how to post pictures of my materials.  

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    This may be obvious, but totally close off the rooms affected by the remodel, and set up a temporary kitchen in an unaffected space. Mini fridge, electric skillet and griddle, crock pot, hot water pot, microwave oven, a place to cut, stir and mix, etc. Organize your most useful dishes and tools in a nearby bookshelf if possible; move your books, DVDs or whatever into storage. Yes, that will probably spread chaos to the rest of the house, but those hungry little boys, can’t live without a kitchen!

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    I am finishing up a kitchen remodel with a baby who was learning to crawl during the process. Ugh! My advice is to go to Costco or something and get a value pack of paper plates and dishes and flatware etc. add it to your budget because doing dishes outside of your kitchen (unless you have somewhere you can easily do this or you will still have a dishwasher) is 1000 times harder than you think it will be. Especially with little kids and all of their dishes! Secondly- grilling is your friend. We totally missed out on that since it was winter in the east when we did ours. But the past couple weeks we’ve been grilling more and it really saved on mess. I’d throw all my veggies and potatoes and meat on the grill. Just wrap your sides in foil and throw them on! And regarding your contractor or workers- we did a lot work ourselves and found out too late that our contractor wanted to move on to greener pastures when we got involved and he basically didn’t finish. My advice is to either be your own general contractor and only hire subcontractors and handy men or have a general contractor handle everything. We made so many mistakes that cost us money in the end. I wish I’d known that before! Oh, and don’t let any guy (it’s mostly men you’ll deal with) tell you not to do something you want. This is your kitchen and you should pick the things you love. I found everyone wanted me to pick the easiest, most boring way of doing things because that’s what they do the most. So stick to what you want and you will be so much happier!

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