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I’m better at decor than photography, hence the solo smart phone shot of our master bedroom. Besides the lighting was blah, blah, and more blah. (Boo-hoo, uncharacteristically gray California day!)  But it’s okay!  I still got some sweet goodies here.  Like for instance the DIY headboard.  I wanted something soft to lean our heads on when reading and tv watching, and a fabric that didn’t scream at us.   My dear old friend side table, is a work horse purchased years ago. One might suggest I put a petite chic mirrored nightstand in its place? —but never! My table holds more secrets, books, and treats than all my purses combined -and I love it. The art is my Grandmother’s amateur (adult ed) creation, and it is a treasure. My husband’s side of the bed gets a mcm masculine lamp to keep things from going too soft. The wall color took many, many tries (the budget of small country’s education system worth), to find ~ and it’s just a tan for heaven’s sake! But it is a forever color who gets along with everyone and everything. The only truly evolving piece in the room is the duvet cover, which gets changed every so often just for kicks and giggles. Finally, and not for not ~ just out of frame is my favorite Anthropology, scented-candle.  Serenity.  For reals. 

There is more to this happy space, like . . . high ceilings, a wall of windows, more art, slippery shiny white trim, personal doodads, and a desk’y corner.  In other words, the kinds of things Inspired Spaces are made of!  By they way, I’m participating in The Inspired Room book launch tour both in word and deed.  For instance, in word (right here), and in deed (the new book sits on my coffee table as we speak!).  Instagraming its close-up on my @theprincipledtype feed was icing on this cake.  Purchase away for yourself and enjoy the inspiration:

Talk soon, I hope.  xo

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