A Plate Conundrum

So I’ve been wondering for a while (without coming to a conclusion) will it still look good to mix plates that are white white, with plates that have a “linen” finish?

I’ve seen lots of plates, platters, and bowls that are really pretty and have nice designs, but they’re the color “linen” which is noticeably off white.  

The new plates I started collecting are a bright white, will it make the linen plates look dirty if they’re not a bright white as my other plates? 

Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have a strong opinion? 

Help! I can’t decide! 

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    To me it depends on whether you want your wall hanging to be more casual in look or more perfectly formal. If you are going for a more casual feel, I think just as long as they are mixed well it would be great. I had a picture I wanted to share with you but not sure how to get it in the comments. 🙁

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      Thanks Shelley! Oh man, I wish I could see your picture! I was thinking both for display and for regular use. Hmmm, I guess now I have to figure out if I’m going for a casual vibe or not…hhhmmm…

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