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I need a little refreshing for spring but I need some advice. We recently moved the tv from above the fireplace to this wall and put this chest below it but I’m not loving the red color of it. Should I paint it lighter or darker, like a navy? Thank you in advance :)

These two look sweet in this picture but most of the time my house is a race track (mostly from Dillon the blue dog). My English Lab Rosalee is very sweet and lazy. 

OK so I’m taking everyone’s advice and I took the chest to a consignment store this morning because I ordered the table that Kristin recommended and it should be here sometime today.  Now I may need some help decorating it but I will update once I get it put together and in place. Thank you all again for being so nice but honest with your feedback!

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    I think navy would look very nice. It plays well off the light gray walls, and coordinates with the ottoman. Blue and gray are a classic combination! You could further tie the color scheme together with the addition of some throw pillows in navy/gray on the couch. The new TV wall – any thoughts about making it a mixed gallery wall around the TV? I have seen some pretty neat ideas on Pinterest for inspiration. I am sure whatever you choose, it will look great. Your kitchen remodel was amazing, BTW!

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    I think the dresser is to small for the tv wall. I’d get a longer dresser, decorate, paint, whatever you like but I think it will anchor the space. Just a thought. Have fun.

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    I agree with D. Johnston. The chest is too small for the tv. It’s a nice chest so maybe it can be used somewhere else in the room or the house. But the proportion to the tv isn’t right. I guess you could get a smaller tv, but not sure your significant other would appreciate that. 😉

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    I agree with the other 2 posters about the dresser being too small. Bring in a larger piece. I do think the room needs some more color against that wall to balance it out. Love the pic on the mantle and the ottoman!

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    I would use the chest elsewhere. It is just way too small for the space. It will be well worth the time (if needed) to save and get a table that is long enough. Can I suggest the Everett Foyer table. I have this table and painted it with MMS Milk Paint. I also added handles to the front drawers. Love it! I have seen Thrifty Décor Chick use this table as well and leave the color as is. I love the lines of this table and it is a great spot to really pull things together and add some style. Here is the link:
    I do think your display on the table looks nice! Oh, someone mentioned the gallery wall around the TV. TDC may be a great one to follow! I think she covered this as well–and she does thrifty décor!

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